Big Change

Recently, I had quit my job and decided to back home for good. Now, I’m here, HOMIE. Never realize before once decided to be back home, I actually need to adjust myself (a lot though)! Things’s changed, people’s changed, so do I. I’m not so sure if the decision that I had made to back […]


I’m not feeling well, both mentally and physically! All come from working issues. The thing is I can’t see my work life balance here. I would not like to complain that much as the main reason is I dont really like my job. So now time has come to me to make a decision whether […]

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Top Ten Reasons to Stay Up Late with a Pharmacist 1. Pharmacists can do more than lick and stick. 2. Pharmacists have a long duration of action. 3. Pharmacists Rx rated. 4. Pharmacists find new routes of administration. 5. Pharmacists do it over the counter. 6. Pharmacists are patient…

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What inspires you to blog? We blog because there are people, places, things, and ideas that we care about so much we can’t help but tell the world about them. We want to know what inspires you. For this special mid-week photo challenge, we want to see portraits of…