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David Cummings on Startups

Product/market fit is a common startup concept relating to how well a product meets the needs of the market. There’s another kind of fit that deserves more discussion: founder/idea. Founder/idea fit is taking into account the passions and strengths of the co-founders and maximizing them in the context of the business idea. A founder with little interest or zeal for an idea, even though it’s the best one he could come up with, is more likely to fail than a founder that truly believes in something, even if the idea isn’t as good.

Here are some ways to look at founder/idea fit:

  • Take the concepts from Strengths Finder and apply those to the founder in regards to the startup idea
  • Identify the things that you do for fun, regardless of getting paid, and see if the idea gets real value from them
  • Imagine yourself five years from now running the…

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Small Food Business

entrepreneuers timeMost entrepreneurs I know, myself included, tend to be somewhat – if not fully – Type A personalities.  In some respect you have to be Type A and be willing to work hard all. the. time. to succeed.  All that work and no play, as they say, isn’t necessarily the way to great creative thinking when it comes to your business though.

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Useful and inspire 😀

Small Food Business

business planningOne thing this country’s top business schools are experts at teaching is how to create a solid business plan that you can take to investors.  They’ll teach you about the various components that need to be in the plan and all the financial calculations that are needed.  But is that really the best place to start?

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Woot Woot!

I finally have my own blog, congrats to myself.

New starter to write blog, wish I can do it often as I could 😀

I will contribute my first post to……….. TaaaaaDaaaaaa “Polaroid Camera“.

I’ve been searching recently to get one soon, but still cannot decide yet which one I should go for between instax 210 and instax mini 50s by fuji film. They both look cute. A lot of comments mentioned that the instax mini 50s is the best for instant camera, and the picture size is exactly the same as credit card. For those who enjoy the larger picture, you should definitely go for 210 as the picture is bigger than instax mini.

Hard work for me, which one I should grab ?!?!?!